Timberland Realty Development LLC
Locate, Invest, Develop


Timberland Realty Development LLC was created to locate large timberland tracts with excellent market potential, invest in the property for financial returns to our partners, and to develop it into premium recreational or investment properties for sale to our clients.

We are located in Crawfordville, GA and focus on properties in Greene, Taliaferro, Hancock and their surrounding counties. Please go to our Featured Property page to view Timberland for Sale.

If you are ready to buy land for recreational or investment purposes and you have been unsuccessful in locating property that has the features and amenities you desire please go to our Contact Us page and tell us about your requirements.

We can also enlist our network of real estate brokers, forestry consultants and private investors throughout the state to help locate and develop the right property for you.



Timberland Realty Development LLC
Reeves Smith, P.O. Box 10, Crawfordville, GA 30631
Office: (706) 456-3569, Mobile: (404) 229-5960
Email: reeves.smith@timberland-realty.com